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Best Password Managers of 2022

Secure your online accounts and personal information with the market's best password managers. See our exclusive offers now.

Top password managers are ranked by customer reviews, expert testing and feature availability.

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Last Updated: July 2022

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RoboForm is the industry leader in password management that safely stores your passwords and auto-fill data. Utilizes AES 256 encryption, the strongest available encryption.

Exclusive 42% off - Only $1.16/month!

Sync passwords across all devices 

Priority 24/7 support & alerts

 Secure file and folder sharing

 Log into any website with one click

 Strong unique password generator

Outstanding   9.8 

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Reviews (16,489)

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Dashlane encrypts all your passwords and allows you to monitor and autofill passwords on all your devices at once.

 Free Download - Create Account Now!

One-click form auto-filler

US patent for trusted security architecture

 Free VPN with premium membership

 One-click form auto-filler

 Sync across all devices

Excellent   9.2 

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Reviews (10,251)

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1Password keeps individuals and families safe online with secure single

click sign ins. Get peace of mind for all.

 Unlimited passwords & 1GB storage

 History that restores deleted passwords

Unrivaled friendly customer support

 Travel mode hides sensitive data

 Recover accounts from locks

 Receive custom alerts

Great   8.3 

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Reviews (10,114)

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NordPass remembers all your complex passwords and form data. Stress-free logins with one simple click.

Share passwords safely 

 Organize passwords with ease

Import existing passwords

 Save your info in a single click

 Browse and shop faster

Great   7.9 

4 Star.png

Reviews (7,543)

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LastPass allows you to organize your digital life to quickly and easily access what's most important to you.

 Secure password vault

 Simplify your life, store passwords

Dark web monitoring

 Store digital records

 Auto-fill purchase info

Good   7.4 


Reviews (6,887)

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Panda remembers everything for you in one easy place. Automatically signs you in to your chosen sites with one convenient click.

 Manage passwords with a master key

 Create secure notes only you access

Remove browsing history

 Generate strong passwords

 Never forget another password

Good   7.0 


Reviews (5,068)


Only $1.16/month


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