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Best Android Password Managers for 2021

October 2021

The most secure and trusted password management options with up-to-date rankings. Discover our exclusive offers now!


RoboForm is the industry leader in password management and safely stores your passwords and auto-fill data. Utilizes AES 256 encryption, the strongest available encryption.

Exclusive 42% off - Only $1.16/month!

Sync all passwords across all devices 

Priority 24/7 support & alerts

 Available on Windows, Mac, IOS & Android

 Log into any website with one click

 Strong unique password generator

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Our Most Popular

Outstanding   9.8 

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Reviews (12,341)

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1Password keeps individuals and family's safe online with secure single

click sign ins. Get peace of mind for all.

 Unlimited passwords & 1GB storage

 History that restores deleted passwords

Unrivaled friendly customer support

 Travel mode hides sensitive data

 Recover accounts from locks

 Receive custom alerts

Excellent   9.2 

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Dashlane encrypts all your passwords and allows you to monitor and autofill passwords on all your devices at once.

 Save passwords as you browse

Unlimited number of passwords

US patent for security architecture

 Free VPN with premium membership

 One-click form auto-filler

Great   8.3 

4 Star.png
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NordPass remembers all your complex passwords and form data. Stress-free logins with one simple click.

Share passwords safely 

 Organize passwords with ease

Import existing passwords

 Save your info in a single click

 Browse and shop faster

Great   7.9 

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Lastpass allows you to organize your digital life to quickly and easily access what's most important to you.

 Secure password vault

 Simplify your life, store passwords

Dark web monitoring

 Store digital records

 Auto-fill purchase info

Good   7.4 

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Panda remembers everything for you in one easy place. Automatically signs you in to your chosen sites with one convenient click.

 Manage passwords with a master key

 Create secure notes only you access

Remove browsing history

 Generate strong passwords

 Never forget another password

Good   7.0 


Hong Yan

I've used Roboform for a few years now and can truly say I have never had one issue. 

The membership is incredibly reasonable, and I would not trust any other password manager with my personal information. 5/5

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Colin Thomas

I have over 300 logins to various websites and Roboform has been so convenient in storing and applying them. I'm a year in and could not see my digital life without it. Super reliable. Super safe. Super cheap. 5/5

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Kelli Gibbs

I've tried many password managers, but always come back to Roboform. As an all inclusive password management software, no other password manager compares. 5/5

image (4).jpg

Susan McGee

My family and I have used the password storage app Roboform for 10 years on our desktop and mobile devices. It's a must have in our family. With its ease-of-use and very helpful support staff, we are hooked. 5/5

User reviews from our top-rated Android password manager.

Our most popular Android password management option!


RoboForm is the industry leader in password management. 

Manage passwords like a pro with easy setup, personalized

security and world class support. Highly reviewed by thousands.

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Outstanding   9.8 

Get 42% Off Now!

Only $1.16/month!

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Learn more about password managers.

What is a password manager and how does it work?

A password manager stores your passwords all-in-one place, so you never have to waste time remembering. Aren’t you tired of clicking the “forgot password” link, guessing security question answers or coming up with brand new passwords all together?


Easily access any stored password with one click and sync across all your devices. All the stored passwords are AES 256-bit encrypted so you have peace of mind knowing that all the information you save, is 100% protected and secure. The password managers in our “top 5” list also include password generators, form and data auto-filling, and storage capabilities for additional data vaults.

Password managers save even more time with form auto-fillers.

Not only do password managers save time remembering passwords, they also save time with filling in online form information. Form auto-fillers recognize what needs to be auto populated and takes care of it for you with a quick confirmation. Everything from personal addresses, phone numbers, billing information, names and so much more, can be auto-filled. Once you have this feature, you will never go back to the old way of doing things. Used in conjunction with the password manager browser extension, you will always be saving your valuable time, while keeping frustration out of your life.

Let’s choose the right password manager for you. 

Choosing a password manager can seem like a terrifying process. You always want to research before picking any software to trust with your personal information.  We all want to maintain our personal security and peace of mind. With these thoughts in mind, there's some great news! We have come a very long way in secure online applications and software that can safely protect your identity and encrypt data. takes pride in featuring the top password managers that maintain the highest security and protection for you.

Two additional thoughts of consideration when choosing a password manager is whether you want a free or premium “paid” membership, and what set of features you want in a password manager

Free or premium “paid” membership?

A free trial or “limited” free password manager option is always appealing, but we really need to ask ourselves if a free version is actually the best version to utilize? Personal information is nothing to mess around. Would you want to leave your personal data in the hands of a free automated system or know that it is being monitored methodically by a company that always strives to maintain and improve its security encryption and policies?

Before creating a password manager account and purchasing a service you are unsure of, we recommend taking advantage of their FREE versions of their products. This trial will give you a great understanding of the password manager company's performance and primary features. It usually takes a couple days to determine if the product is right for you. If it is, have the peace of mind knowing their premium version fits all your needs.

Always remember that a premium “paid” version, will always be the best course of action for security, ease of use, and available features.

Now let’s take a look at the features that truly make a password manager premium service worth it.


Feature checklist

Free or premium “paid” version features may include:

  • VPN (virtual private network)

  • Security alerts personalized to you

  • Dark web monitoring

  • Credit monitoring

  • Identity theft insurance

  • Password storage

  • Password backup

  • Form and payment auto-fill

  • Password strength analysis

  • Password generator

  • Multiple devices

  • Easy to use browser extensions

  • App versions for devices

The majority of password manager providers will be able to accommodate multiple passwords across all your devices on desktop and mobile. Keep in mind however, that quantity and quality depends on the service you choose. (Free or Paid)

These are the top features to look out for when utilizing a password manager

  • Unlimited password storage

  • Form and payment auto-Fill

  • Password security encryption

  • Unlimited devices (mobile, desktop, browser, etc.)

  • Security – on your desktop and the cloud

  • Backup services – easy to restore passwords and data if lost

  • Ability to sync cloud data across your multiple devices

  • Password generator (strong passwords)

Now it’s time to get started. Choose a provider and follow the steps below:

  1. Download and open installer

  2. Install

  3. Create account with master password

  4. Import browser data

  5. Add browser extension and mobile application

  6. Review personal security options

  7. Ready to go!

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How do we decide on the best password manager for 2021?

We here are painstakingly test, utilize and check all reputable password manager services available. In doing so, we become experts in all standard features, security measures and payment options. Our rankings are based off of password management features and services that go above and beyond. This also includes customer reviews and testimonials.

Advertising Disclosure: seeks to give relevant information and helpful content about password management and VPN services available. However, by providing you with links, we do accept advertising compensation from certain service providers that appear herein, and such compensation might impact the rating and review. These links are what help us to keep this website a free resource. The site and information herein is provided "as is", and your use is at your own risk. We make best efforts to keep the information up-to-date and accurate, including pricing and reviews. There may be rare situations where pricing is outdated. 

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